That Rashid started out as a blogger in late 2002 and met a lot of people online, an early-gen blogger indeed. He's passionate about people, talking about almost everything, sharing thoughts and ideas with almost everyone. His blog had really became a medium to reach out to almost anyone.

Being virtually connected to a lot of people by that time, he learned a lot of things that he can do online and from there he decided to enter the world of Internet Marketing. And yes, he became a paid blogger for quite a long time. That time when he was still in college, being a blogger helped him fund himself in school. And through continuous studying, he looked for more online opportunities which he can try out himself, testing everything until he convinces himself that he can also offer the same opportunity to people like him.

He also became a Relationship Marketer, a Marketing Researcher, and a Consultant at some point helping out small businesses to reach success through the use of Social Media and other online means.

But like everybody else, he was also part of the corporate world. Struggling to keep up on his online obligations while doing his day job was not an easy task. At some point, he had to give up blogging and the rest of his online jobs and focus on the corporate job that he had that time.

Though he's been already spending half of his life thinking that it would have been better if people will not be punishing themselves for 12 straight hours for their jobs, taking away their precious time which they could have used on things that they really want to do and by spending it with their family.

Then until just recently, he got into a situation where he had to leave his job and gamble back into working freelance applying for online jobs. Fortunately for him, he was able to end up with one and now he's working full-time online with a lot of free time that he could use for his family, his blog and learn more about Digital Marketing as a continuation of his study on the then called Internet Marketing.