Quick Update | What's Up?

Friday, December 15, 2017

What's up? I never really thought that it was already over a month when I last posted here. Though it was never my intention to do monthly postings like this, I think I just really got preoccupied with work, sleep and some gaming on the side. Anyways, to tell you more about it, here's a quick update for you guys!

Work. I'm almost at my 2nd month working from home. So far so good, though I would really still need a bit of a push from time to time. Still getting that lazy feels though but I'm managing it just fine so far.

Sleep. Yes, this has to be an item too. My body clock has gotten really messed up lately. Waking up around noon and heading to bed on the wee times of 3 to 4 in the morning. Why? That's because of the next item below which is-

Gaming. My lack of social interaction is being filled up by having to play with some newly found gamer friends online. We play every night for a couple of hours which sometimes lasts until the next day like 6AM.

Weekends. Then here comes Saturdays and Sunday. Team Friday and Team Burnout are still active, thankfully. We still hang out on weekends and that somehow pulls me out of the house because I almost never go out anymore. Not when everything I have is in the fridge. Lol

That Rashid. I noticed that I started this one December last year and from then on, I only had 14 posts up. That's like a post per month on average, right? Not good. I know I had some plans way back but it's just now that I'm starting to get some solid ideas about what's going to happen to this blog. More than the appearance, I still like this one and haven't seen anything better so, it's the content that's going to have a revamping soon. Expect that to happen come 2018.

So, I guess that's it for now. See you in my next post! Cheers!

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