Staying Motivated

Monday, November 06, 2017

Can I just say - It's not as easy as I thought it would be! Staying motivated at home is a real challenge for me right now that I even had to Google it for me to learn how to keep up with this life that I now live in! Lol

I stumbled on this page in Forbes about the 11 Ways To Stay Motivated While Working From Home. Head over to that link for the whole list because I'll just talk about those points that I think relates to me for now.

So, how does someone like me who works from home keeps their motivation up?

They wake up early. I won't deny it, waking up early is a huge struggle. I've been reading similar pages and they all say the same thing - waking up as early as 6 or 7 in the morning! Well, according to them, there have been some studies that show that getting up early in the morning makes a person's productivity rate higher compared to those who stay in bed late. But thinking about it, if your goal is to really finish the job early in the day then I think this could actually work.

They put on actual clothes. What I normally wear in bed is what I have on when I work. Thinking that I also do my own laundry and I'm just staying at home so why change, right? But apparently, changing into something makes the person also wear the characteristics associated with the garment. They say that simple jeans and a shirt can already do the trick compared to wearing boxer shorts and a sleeveless shirt - something that I usually wear.

They don't work where they sleep. I have a folding table just beside my bed and this is where my machine is. So yes, I am working where I sleep. I almost always roll over to my bed whenever I am beginning to feel lazy working and I always end up grabbing some unintentional naps. So yes, I think it's really a bad idea for me to set it up just beside where I sleep. Lol

They make schedules. And here I am, a man of come what may. I start working 20-30 minutes after I wake up. That's after I had my coffee and breakfast and a quick shower. But still, it all depends on what time I wake up. It's not really scheduled and this is maybe why I always end up working until later in the day. Maybe I should really start doing some schedules for the succeeding weeks.

They work out. I know I've posted about it a couple of times already that I paid for a membership fee last January and I really haven't paid them a visit since then. I guess you already know that I got stuck in a 12-hour shift from my previous work for almost 5 months so there's really no way for me to squeeze it in when the gym closes at 10PM. So according to most of the pages that I went to, if you're working from home, working out should really be part of your routine. Aside from the motivation and discipline that this can give you, I think I'd understand knowing that the only steps you'll make from the time of waking up are the ones when you go to the bathroom, to the dining table and back to your room. So working out to exercise is really important to stay fit. So, I think I need to gear up for the gym now.

They declare war on distracting sites by earning rewards. I'm not really a chatty messenger person nor a heavy gamer or youtube viewer. But when somebody started streaming PUBG gaming, that's it. Hello, distraction. Leaving my previous job made me go back to playing online games and just recently I find it entertaining to watch some PUBG gameplay. More than checking Facebook or Instagram and Twitter or watching Anime and Netflix, this one really is my kryptonite right now. But then I learned that I can just reward myself into watching some episodes of Anime or Netflix or even participate in a live stream once I've done some solid hours on the work that I'm doing. Something that I will have to set for myself starting.. fine, today. Lol

Then the rest is like suggesting to go outside and meet other people to still somehow boost that social skill. Or do some personal project to fill in those hours when you're done with the routine - like this blog. As for me, I'd want to try waking up early to go get breakfast in Coffee Bean for example and work there for like a couple of hours to just have a different vibe and environment. Why Coffee Bean? Wifi. Apparently, Starbucks here really doesn't offer wifi services to their customers. Are there even any coffee shops that have wifi? Or a pocket wifi I could bring anywhere and will still have a good internet connection? Let me know!

So, there! If you're working from home, why don't you share with me as well your secrets to being motivated? Comment them below and I'll see you on my next post!

Photo by Amith Nair on Unsplash

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