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Sunday, October 29, 2017

First things first. I just learned that 'work from home' is different from 'work at home'. And I really just figured that out now. Explain ko pa ba? Google mo nalang! Lol

But fine, let me do this quick by getting it from this link and quoting it here:

"A common sense says that 'work from home' means you do work for someone from home. On the other hand, when you say 'work at home' that means you got a personal task to be completed (maybe, cleaning the house) at home. So, if you have to fix a door at home, you may say, "Sorry dude, I cannot accompany you. I have work at home". If you are a freelancer and someone asks you about it, you say, "I work from home."

To make it simpler -'work at home' means the work already exists at home (here, fixing the door) and work from home means unless you go and start doing it, it does not exist (freelancing work)."

 Understood? So there. Lol

Moving on, I did post about me leaving my previous job. It was entirely because of a personal reason, more of a family matter actually, which in turn led me to decide to start working from home.

What's great about it is that I got a similar job from what I was actually doing on my other previous jobs. And the initial plan was for me to work project-based on like a part-time basis but just before I started, they gave me a go to work full time. Isn't that amazing? Yey!

And so I started middle of last week and it's actually nice to start working at your own pace. Well, they really haven't required me to work on schedule but at least I am trying to work at least 4 hours with them - with them like when they're at work. Somehow it works really well for me.

So what's my routine like?

I normally wake up at 8AM. That hasn't changed yet really even when I still had my job which starts at 9. Lol So, I get out from my bed, turn the laptop on, make a cup of coffee and let it stay while it's still too hot while I'm having a quick shower. Grabbing my coffee and taking it to my desk then from there I start work.

Then, of course, I also prepare some quick meals in between for snacks or lunch and even dinner. See? I can cook more now compared to that last 5 months!

Right now, since I was able to end up working full time on one, I am now gauging if I am now able to get another for a 4-hour task and if possible on a daily basis too. I'm actually waiting for something for this one so this will happen when that happens. I'll probably post about it here too anyways so I'll keep you posted.

But I have to admit it though because I also need to adjust to this new lifestyle of me doing work from home and now managing again this blog and other things like watching Netflix and Anime and playing PUBG? Hahaha! But kidding aside, I feel like I have the time in my control now because I can now decide when to do what.

Things like taking some free online courses for additional skills, hitting the gym that I paid a membership for last January, preparing meals for the siblings, and all those other stuff are what I'm planning to do for the rest of my free time.

So yeah, that's basically it for now because I don't want to make this post any longer. See you on my next post! Cheers!

Photo by Trent Erwin on Unsplash

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