12 Hours Done

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Here's another 5 months later for all of you out there! I'm so done with the 12 hours shift and it's just funny how I said on my previous post that, "And being an Operations Coordinator for Transportify is what's gonna help me to become better at that."

So what happened all those times that made me not blog for the whole 5 months?

It was never made clear to me during the interview that the job was actually a 12-hour shift. Should have I asked? Should have I known? The hiring manager that time only told me that employees there were all masipag and it has become a part of their culture.

First day came and  I was already asking permission to go home knowing that I still have nothing much to do. I was stopped and was made to stay until the end of the actual shift.

Fast forward to now, I was able to break free from it due to some really personal/family concerns. And I was never been this much happy that I got out because I can now do things that I wasn't able to do due to that shift setup.

Watching Anime and Netflix, having good food like grabbing it somewhere or just cooking at home, do blogging, and being in social media - these might just be small things compared to what the company is aiming for but these little things are where I find happiness.

"You see, if an opportunity arises, always consider it as a blessing."

Due to the circumstances that our family is going through, never did I know that this will actually lead me back to doing freelancing jobs, taking in online tasks for both full and part time.

Now, thinking back, did my almost 5 months stay with that last company all worth it? Maybe the friends I gained, yes. But the experience that I was actually hoping for was not really what I ended up getting. I even left on my last day together with the interns - we are even jokingly saying that I was just an intern all those times that I was there.

Maybe it's safe to say that I was only given a job, not an opportunity.

And the culture, maybe for someone who knows how to value time, it's just too much. Imagine staying at work for almost 15 hours and that's still part of their culture, not to mention the pay which is generally lower than a fresh grad's first salary on an average company.

Well, that's one startup experience for me. But I can't help but think, is every startup really like that? I wonder.

Disclaimer: This post has no intention of demeaning the company. This is of my own opinion based on the experience I had. This was even discussed on my exit interview so these should not be a problem - or maybe it poses a problem? Let me know. Many among them might be enjoying their stay there, it was just not as much fun for me.

Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash

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