Saturday, May 13, 2017

Transportify? It is an app that I found while I was browsing Jobstreet. Yes, I found it first on Jobstreet then in Google Play! Haha! So what is this app all about?

Based on their brochure that I found on their business page, "Transportify is a mobile and web app that allows businesses to book pickups and deliveries of anything in Mega Manila and surrounding areas. Our marketplace connects you with qualified drivers to provide affordable and trustworthy logistic transportation according to strict quality standards. Transportify also operates regionally in Bangkok and Jakarta under the brand Deliveree."

I was able to use it for free for me to actually experience using its service. It was really funny though how I needed something to be delivered to someone. Like I don't even have anything at home that I can just send to somebody so it was really hilarious when I first tried it out.

Until I ended up having a couple of notebooks (Which I took from my brother's desk.. Ssshhh..) to be sent to Kuya Steve! I even initially thought of sending some pens but who sends normal pens ba? Lol

You might ask how I ended up getting a trial coupon. I don't really know if I'm allowed to tell you this but I actually came across a job ad from their company and part of the application process was to undergo a first-hand experience on completing a delivery request thru their app. Then after that, a trial review is expected to be sent back.

Using Transportify is actually pretty similar to using Uber when you need a ride but in this case, of course, it's a package that you need to send to somebody else. I can see it being used a lot in situations like moving out where people will need their stuff to get transferred to a new place or whenever someone buys some new pieces of furniture or even when they have some gifts that are needed to be sent. There is also this option of who’s responsible for the payment and thought that it could also help people who are in the online selling industry.

Another good thing about it is the ability to choose the type of vehicle depending on your needs, from Economy to L300 Vans and even Closed Vans. You can even request the same driver again by making them your favorite driver! And on top of that, the app can also notify the recipient of the delivery tracking status thru SMS! Cool, right?

So the notebooks that I sent? Those were all delivered safely without any scratch! It's just funny how a Mitsubishi Adventure arrived in front of our house only to pick up a couple of notebooks to be delivered. Hahaha!

Though it might have been better if this was a paid post, right? But clearly, it's not! Hahaha! This is still a part of an application process and I am now scheduled for an interview on Monday! Please wish me luck!

So I think, that's it for today! Cheers and see you back on my next post!

To download the app thru your Android phones, you can use the app badge below!
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