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Friday, May 19, 2017

In total, I might have sent around 45-50 applications to different firms but I was only able to get 3 interviews for the 3 companies that invited me. So yes, that's the harsh reality one unemployed bum like me is facing now. It's not that I'm trying to scare anyone, but that's how it really is.

It's always been easy to get out from your job but what's really terrifying is life after that. It's probably way better if you have a backup plan ready like leaving a job if you already got one waiting or if you have enough savings to feed you 2-3 months later but if you're like me who only started to look for a new job after rendering his resignation and haven't really had enough savings to begin with then that's really a terrible decision.

But luckily I have my supportive family who covers my meals and stuff so life got really lighter I guess but of course it doesn't have to be this way all the time.

So on the 3rd interview invite that I received I was able to undergo a kind of interesting application process where I filled up a pre-interview form full of questions normally being asked in a face to face interview. After that, I was told to use an app and complete a booking request and send back a copy of a trial review form. A couple of days later, I was able to meet the hiring manager and a couple of two more management staff for an interview. Things got interesting when it begin to feel like it was already my orientation, like being on that first day at work. The hiring manager was too kind enough to actually make me feel that I was his top bet of all the applicants that he met but of course telling me that has this huge heavy weight of reaching his standards and expectations.

Now, of course, the deciding factor came down to the compensation package. I was torn deciding between what's more important between the financial aspect and the things that I will be able to learn from the company.

I worked with US Auto Parts before, twice. I left once and rejoined for a lower salary than I used to have when I first left. Three years and a half later, I wasn't still able to reach the previous amount of salary I had so when an opportunity presented itself offering me almost 130% of my previous salary when I first left my job, I almost never think twice about it and just grabbed that chance to join 2nd Office. After that, I got regularized and now it even reached almost 150% of what I first used to have.

You see, if an opportunity arises, always consider it as a blessing. I was always on the verge of leaving my job in USAP and what's stopping me from leaving is because there's no opportunity coming in yet. Then yes, it did arrive, but only for a short time. Maybe you'd think it's a good thing because I can use my then high pay rate to negotiate to other companies but not if it isn't a corporate one.

Transportify, which I already blogged about from my previous post, is actually a startup company which doesn't have that power yet to actually compete with corporations in terms of salary packages. The offer given to me was around 115% of the salary I had when I first left my job. To most, it won't even be that enticing and many might even advise me to just wait until I receive another interview invite from corporate companies where I can have a more decent pay rate.

But you know what? I agreed to that thinking that more than the amount, it is the experience I need to even grow better as a professional. I almost regret joining USAP for the second time but without it, I wouldn't have able to reach a Team Lead and a Product Manager role which became a huge factor why I was hired at 2nd Office. This was what it gave me even though I was only receiving a salary roughly 87.5% of my previous pay. I almost never had the chance to lead a team when I first left USAP but when I came back, that was the role waiting for me and was the same thing I used when I moved on to 2nd Office.

And a blessing that it could be, my stay with 2nd Office made me realize which path I should be taking and this now connects me to why I wanted this job at Transportify. I wasn't really good at skill naming so when I learned that what I was doing the whole time Project Management, that's when I knew where I must excel at. And being an Operations Coordinator for Transportify is what's gonna help me to become better at that.

So the last step of their application status was this background check of sorts. I was asked to provide contact numbers of my previous immediate supervisors at the previous companies I worked for. So maybe it now all depends on them if I'll gonna make it or not. We will probably know about it pretty soon.

Update as of 5/23: I learned that my profile was forwarded to the Country Director for review. Hopefully, I hear from them soon. Crossing my fingers for this.

Update as of 5/29: I got the job! I received a text message that I was going to be hired by them so, yey!

So I think, that's it for today! Cheers and see you back on my next post!

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