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Monday, May 15, 2017

First, it's already 3:30 AM when this idea came to me and knowing me, I'll be blogging about it right away. But what I should really do is to try and learn to schedule my posts soon. To just take note of what you think of every moment that light bulb lits up! And yes, that's a note to self right there!

So lately, I've been really reading a lot of articles, blog posts, and stuff online, something that can really be called as research. As I might have mentioned before, I think I already know what this blog is going to turn into soon so I really have to level up my game in terms of making this blog finally work out.

And why did I ended up with such title for today's post? Bloggers might be able to relate to this, let me know if it did, but aspiring bloggers or even the most popular bloggers now might have experienced putting up a blog and later got it closed down because of further realization that it wasn't really the one that they wanted to talk about, to blog, or even do and then they all end up thinking, that maybe, the reason why they chose that was just because it is interesting or maybe that wasn't really their passion.

Most of the time we are on that very thin line that makes us all think that we want to do something that we are passionate about because it interests us to do it. Or maybe it was interesting at first that later made it become our passion.

I may not be making any sense here but I guess passion is what drives you. It is what motivates you even if it is already becoming difficult to you yet you thrive to push through and persevere. On the other hand, interest is something that may fade in time, you may find one interesting now but once you get to see more, you'll become more interested in doing something else.

To even bring it to light, take for example my past blogging experiences. I've always had a hard time figuring out what type of niche I should focus on. I tried several topics like earning online, anime stuff, food, then I even thought of writing what bums do when they're unemployed! It looked interesting to me at the least but all those blogs died. Then later, I became hooked on Youtube, watching daily vlogs and thought that I might be able to do it too. I mean, daily vlogs are like telling the world everything you do in a day right? It doesn't have to be focused on a niche or something. I just need to learn to edit and stuff.

But right now I'm here, tapping rapidly on this keyboard thinking that blogging might just really what fits me the best. I've been on countless times, trying and pushing myself to go back to blogging and I guess, writing, even if I deny it, might just really be one of my strengths. I may not find a more concrete niche for me to focus on yet but sharing thoughts, opinions, and emotions through words are really what makes me feel satisfied and contented.

Who knows, maybe one day I ended up recording a video of myself too but I think blogging would be one of the many things that I won't easily give up. Not when I am still being curious by how blogging will still make it in the years to come.

You may want to get to read as well what I found on this page here. It would be really helpful if you're also looking for that niche that you want to work on with.

So I think, that's it for today! Cheers and see you back on my next post!

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