3 Months Later

Monday, May 01, 2017

Stop. I know it already. Fine. My fault. Enough. Hahaha!

So yeah, right after I wrote that January Goals on my previous post?

I. Ended. Up. Not. Posting. LOL

And three months later, I'm back. Well for now, at least. *wink*

Sorry for all those one-liners stuff above! So what happened for the past 3 months? February, March, and April? A lot did happen and I'm gonna talk about it now.

But wait! It's already 4 AM and I already feel like I want to eat first. (Now making myself a cup of milk and some sandwich, eating it now then~) So going back, this is it.

February. So as planned, I finally got transferred to the new department! I met all these amazing guys over at the Managed Services Department and before I know it, I was able to blend in, somehow. Lol! It was at this time that I learned about the structure, the process, and everything that needs to be absorbed. And the truth is, I liked it there!

(Now, I'm browsing my Facebook timeline making myself remember what else happened.)

So while browsing, it was at the first of February that I met with some friends! 2 of them actually are based in Canada and 1 in Taiwan so it's really seldom for us to meet like hang out. They are my friends from the anime community where all of us were a part of. And there was actually an event that week and I managed to drop by while I was waiting for my turn for the check-up. I remember having some days off to rest because of my sinus feeling so painful. T_T

And of course, Valentine's Day. Remember that Jollibee commercial? That sticky note on a yum burger? I actually went to Jollibee that day and bought 2 yum burgers and there was really a note attached to it! Amazing! Just don't ask about it nalang of who I gave the other burger to and what I wrote on it. *wink*

March. It's Mom's birthday! And Dad visited us here in Manila but I was the only one who was able to meet him then. Well, asking for some day off even without any remaining credits is possible for me eh. Perks? Naaah. My siblings have work kasi eh so yeah.

Also, this month really became the most interesting, most intriguing, most nakakalokang month so far this year! Things at work became really kind of... how can I even describe it? Anyways, lots of things happened which led me to send in my resignation letter to my boss who was just rendering because he actually resigned. I'm not going to elaborate on it any further but if you were following my mini bitchy short posts on Facebook, you've probably already known about it. So to make the story short, I became a Facebook headline at work. Or maybe not. But something close to that where everyone started following me and my posts, is asking me, checking on me, those kinds of stuff.

Unknowingly, someone has been monitoring my timeline and then my posts are being reported back to somebody else. Stalker? Spy? Whatever. Basta ganon. And this was actually right after I sent in my resignation letter but luckily I was able to just render for 2 weeks. And the good thing was, I got some leave credits renewed so I was able to use them somehow like some terminal leave and I just showed up on my last day to surrender everything that I am accountable of.

2 weeks FB fame. Lol

April. So last month was the start of my funemployed experience and just like that, Gmail and Jobstreet became my instant best friends! I was actively browsing Jobstreet for some job ads where I might fit it. I have right now around 30+ applications sent, I've been to some several interviews but checking back on them now, almost half of them, I'm not really suitable for pala. So Maybe I'll browse some more and apply pa more!

Then there's Youtube, again. I've been really watching tons for the past couple of weeks. Now, following local vloggers. I never knew that there were already a lot of them doing it! I was only used to watching Asian and American vlogs but now I'm more subscribed to Filipino vloggers! Youtube even have their own office now here in PH called Youtube MNL Space. Just. Wow.

So there! This is like a recap of everything that happened to me from those months and of course, there were still #TeamFriday and my carpool/commute/road stories on Facebook and watching Anime and KDrama as well!

I'll be doing some planning soon too! To conceptualizing on some passion projects that I want to do in the future. This blog is one, and maybe a new format on IG as well. I was actually inspired by Nate whom I am following now on Youtube because why not! I will also be trying to list down some monthly goals again pretty soon! I think it's the planning that I need to really do to keep up on this one so wish me luck!

I think this became a little too lengthy na so I hope you're still reading this up until here!

So that's it for today! Cheers and see you back on my next post!

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