January Goals

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's the end of the month and I was somehow able to fulfill most of my to-do list. It's not really that many but still, a list is a list that I planned and had done doing. So, checking on my planner, these are the stuff that I listed down:

  • Celebrate birthday!
Celebrating my birthday was one of the highlights of this month, it was really a blast! There were times in the past that it was my friends who were planning something on that day, but it never occurred to me that something similar is going to happen the last 13th. They really prepared a lot!

    • Gym membership
    I was advised to go on a diet to normalize my BP. But suddenly, a gym opened nearby and had a membership discount until today. It was just earlier that I signed up and became a member myself then only to know that they had plans to extend the membership discount for the whole month of February. Boo. I think they specialize in boxing, CrossFit, and circuit training so that's what's I'm gonna be doing when I get back. When? That still I don't know. Lol

    • Blog updates, at least once a week!
    Somehow, I was able to keep up with the once a week blog entry every Tuesday. After another month or 2, I'm planning to do 2 posts per week. Though I'm still thinking of what to focus on for this blog but I might just have an idea about it now, I'll maybe do another post about it soon.

    • Train the new guy at work
    So, we've already got a new guy in our team who will be in-charge of doing QA. We've actually waited for 2 months for someone to be perfect for the job because my transfer depends on when someone will show up to get the job. He's now on his 2nd week and him hopefully and as I see it, he's doing pretty fine immersing himself to the team's processes and its structure.

    • Get ready to be transferred to the new department! *excited*
    I have already posted about this the other week and soon I will be starting to be a part of a new department at work, Technology and Managed Services. By the end of this week, I'm planning to introduce the new guy and endorse to him the team and hopefully by next week, on the 6th, I will starting to immerse with the new team I will be in. Yey!

    • Update resume
    Initially, it was because I was already feeling hopeless if I would still be transferred since there's the recruitment team at work aren't seeing any potential applicant for the post that I am vacating. But things happened and now I am just waiting for when I will be really doing the move. So now that the ball started rolling for me again, my resume will now be updated based on what's gonna be in my job description when I become the new Project Manager at work. Though this I haven't done yet, so this will be carried over for my February goals.

    • 52 Week Money Challenge
    Since we are still in the first month, everything is still right on track. P300 total for January, easy. Next month? P600. I'm even thinking of converting my monthly save-up into dividing the whole total to 12 months to end up with a fixed amount each month. But since it's still manageable, I might follow the table I made for now.

    So where did this monthly goals idea came from? I might have watched something before. Do monthly goals and achieve them. At least have something meaningful happen each month. So, because of that I started listing things and decided for which month will these be attainable. You'll get to know about it anyways as I wrap each month so I guess, I will be having a month-end entry as well aside from my weekly post.

    So that's it for today! Cheers and see you back on my next post!

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