Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

First post for the new year! So from my last post last month, changes made? I was able to add a header banner.. above.. obviously.. and title images as well! All made from Canva. Feeling beginner all over again. Haha!

It was also our first day back at work for the year and aside from work, I was able to stumble upon this 52 Week Money Challenge which my friends and I are gonna try and hopefully complete until the end of 2017. There are several denomination options but we'll stick with the P20 for this year. If you want, you could also start.. whenever. Just kidding! I've listed below the weekly increments and its corresponding monthly accumulations so that you can get a grasp of how much it'll gonna be on a monthly basis, just so you know, if you'll gonna do it on paydays like me. Haha!

Then I've also started to put up something like a wishlist or more like a goal list of things that I wanted to have for this year. And of course ways on how to get it - which means daily budget at its finest! I am not even a fan of budgeting. So, good luck to that! Lol

And I'm having myself read financial and management books, hoping for 3, until the end of the year. I've actually read the idea at Kuripot Pinay and thought that I should do that as well.

It's just funny how I started my year at work and forgot to bring my 2017 calendar (courtesy of Jonah) and my 2017 Starbucks Planner! So I'll be starting to plot things out tomorrow.

So that's it for today! Cheers and see you back on my next post!

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