That Rashid

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

THAT Rashid is now coming back eh? Well I hope this time it's for real and he gets to maintain this new blog of his.
When was the last time I published a blog post? Over 2 years ago? Wow.
So enough of my self-brooding sarcasm. Haha! So, what made me come back? Is it enough to say that I missed blogging that much for me to be back? Lol, so maybe not, right? Come to think of it, I don't really need a venue to exhaust all my untold stories but I just had the urge to start again and to keep my fingers continue tapping on the keyboard non-stop.
And same as before, I don't even have a niche yet nor did I planned anything out before even posting this up. Maybe this can go lifestyle? With a bit of technology (naaah~) and lots of food posts with some (like one or two per year) travel getaways? I really can't tell. Oh, anime? I still watch a lot and I'm still on the 'what's new this season' trend. I just kinda gave up on the long-running ones - I'm just way too behind already.
But still, I'm back and I've decided to finally use Wordpress go back and use Blogger. Though I am still torn if I should really be here or just continue using Blogger. See? no plans. Haha! For one, I was able to get myself a new laptop so I guess that's why I thought of coming back. Maybe I just needed to have a reason why I bought one - it's really just a low-end laptop, so aside from using it as a file-transferring machine perhaps? Lol!
So for now, and at least before the year ends, let's just be happy that I'm back and you'll start to get reading a bunch load of things from THAT Rashid again! Cheers and see you back on my next post!

PS: This post was initially posted on Wordpress but it really didn't felt like home so I'm back!

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